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Mahogany Furniture care: Top 5 tips

22 March 2018

Your mahogany furniture is no doubt an expensive item in your home, it is distinguished from other woods by it’s unique reddish brown colouration and straight grain. Naturally you will want to keep your piece of antique furniture looking it’s absolute best as it not only makes your mahogany item looks great, but also lengthens it’s lifespan as well. Here are five tips on mahogany furniture care to keep your item in top condition.

Tip 1: Keep your Mahogany Furniture away from Excess Moisture

Like a lot of furniture pieces made from wood, mahogany can be affected by large amounts of moisture. If you wish to clean a mahogany surface of any kind, use a damp cloth and then follow it up with a dry cloth straight after. This can easily be done on a routine basis once per week. Do not use a soaking wet cloth as this will leave water markings on your surface.

A soft damp cloth should be used for wiping mahogany surfaces. You can use any soft cloth like a duster, dishcloth or even a microfiber cloth so long as it’s damp not soaking wet.

Tip 2: Never use Abrasive Cleaners

You know that can of spray polish you have in your cupboard? Don’t even think of going near your mahogany furniture with that, spray polishes and/or cleaners contain chemicals that can discolour, stain and even completely remove the finishes on your beautiful piece of furniture.  If you want to clean your mahogany just use the above method to wipe it down and get rid of that dust.

Furniture polish sprays like this and other popular brands will damage your carefully finished wooden furniture.

Tip 3: Polish your mahogany furniture with Beeswax

To get your mahogany furniture looking its absolute best, you need to keep your furniture waxed at least twice per year.

Keeping the furniture’s wax layer topped up will help protect it water marks, grease and dirt. Regular waxing will also keep the surface from dulling, ensuring your mahogany office desk or mahogany dining table is looking as good as it can. If you’re purchasing a new piece of mahogany furniture we recommend you buy a beeswax polish alongside it for future care in your home.

FIddes Mellow Beeswax Polish

We recommend Fiddes Mellow Wax range for mahogany furniture which is formulated from a traditional recipe and is a high quality blended beeswax polish. Available in “Georgian Mahogany” which is suitable for brown mahogany wood or “Clear” which is suitable for lighter woods or for adding sheen to darker woods.

Tip 4: Remove spills as quickly as possible

If you have spilled any kind of liquid on your mahogany surface then you need to clean this up immediately, especially if the spillage is alcohol or spirit based liquids as this can cause serious damage to the surface.

Use a clean soft cloth to do this with, if the liquid is not wiped up immediately and a slight mark has been left, this can be cleared up by using lemon oil or boiled linseed paste. Be sure to use polish afterwards to protect the area of spillage.

Coffee stain on wooden surface

Spills like coffee should wiped up immediately as coffee will stain a wooden surface such as a mahogany desk very quickly.

Tip 5: Dust regularly

Letting dust accumulate on your mahogany surfaces will begin to dull it over time. regularly dusting these surfaces will prevent a build up of particles and grime. For best results use a soft dry cloth (a regular dusting cloth or microfiber cloth will do fine) to dust your furniture at least once per week.

If you happen upon any scratches on the surface you can repair this by using iodine and applying it in multiple thin layers with a fine paintbrush. This will make the scratches a lot less visible and will also blend in with the finish of the mahogany.

Iodine application to scratches in mahogany

Make sure when adding your iodine to scratches that you do it over multiple thin layers to ensure an even application to hide the markings.

If you are thinking of adding some mahogany furniture to your home take a look at our mahogany furniture range to find out what we have available.


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