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Father’s Day Gifts for 7 Different Types of Dad

5 June 2019

Not sure what to buy your dad for Father’s Day?

Take our quiz to discover which of the 7 types of dad your dad is and which furniture gift would make his father’s day special.

Fathers day furniture gifts quiz- Man reading a book

1. ‘Bookworm’ Dad

Is your dad an avid reader? Often got a pile of books by his bedside table? On the coffee table? In his study?

The ideal present for your dad for Father’s Day is a solid wood bookcase so he can have all his favourite novels in one place. He can choose between a traditional bookcase with 3 shelves or take a spin with our rotating bookcase. Which is the right choice of mahogany bookcase for your dad?

Fathers day furniture gifts quiz-smart dad

2. Smart Dad

Is your dad always the smart side of smart casual? Prefers a collar? Likes to wear a smart jacket?

The ideal present for your dad for Father’s Day is our Valet stand so that he can have his outfit ready to go and looking pristine. It even has little drawers for storing his cufflinks. Make your dad’s day with a smart mahogany wood valet stand for a smart gentleman!

Fathers day furniture gifts quiz-newspaper dad

3. Nose in the Newspaper Dad

Does your dad get a newspaper delivered? Always buy the Sunday papers? Have a pile of papers on the coffee table?

The ideal present for your dad for Father’s Day is our oval magazine rack, perfect for his newspapers and magazines, stored away neatly so he can read them at his leisure. Help your dad get his papers tidy by treating him to this classic mahogany magazine rack!

Father's Day furniture gift-oval magazine rack
Mahogany Oval magazine rack £195
Fathers day furniture gifts quiz-multitasking dad

4. Multi-tasking Dad

Does your dad like a bit of space for his crossword or magazine? Always has a cup of coffee on the go?

The ideal present for your dad for Father’s Day is our versatile mahogany coffee table with storage. This mahogany side table gives him the opportunity to store his magazines, spread out a little bit with a crossword and enjoy his cup of coffee all at the same time. Treat your multi-tasking dad to a multi-tasking coffee table!

Fathers day furniture gifts quiz-tv lover dad

5. TV Lover Dad

Does your dad like his documentaries or his soaps? Has he always got his favourite programmes highlighted in the TV Guide?

The ideal present for your dad for Father’s Day is a stylish corner TV unit to house his favourite entertainment system. Make watching the goggle box even more of a pleasure for your dad with a classic mahogany corner TV unit or a widescreen TV cabinet!

Fathers day furniture gifts quiz-diy lover dad

6. DIY Lover Dad

Is your dad always fixing something? Putting up a picture? Mending the curtain rail?

The ideal present for your dad for Father’s Day is one of our step chairs. This multipurpose piece of furniture means he can get his mending and fixing done whenever he wants. Make your make your DIY Lover dad happy with our step chair in a wax finish or treat him further with an Americana folding library step chair with letter artwork!

Fathers day furniture gifts quiz-paperwork dad

7. Doing the Paperwork Dad

Has your dad always got piles of paperwork on the go? Are his spectacles always on and pen in hand? Does he like things to be organised?

The ideal present for your dad is our two drawer filing cabinet meaning his paperwork can be ordered exactly as he likes it. Make your organised dad’s day with a filing cabinet for all his paperwork needs!

From the Quiz, Which type of Dad was your Dad?

Which gift was suggested for him? Was it the bookcase, rotating bookcase, valet stand or magazine rack? Or was it the coffee table with storage? The TV unit or widescreen TV unit? The step chair, step chair with letter artwork or a filing cabinet?

Whichever gift you choose for him we hope that your dad has a Fantastic Father’s Day!

*We cannot guarantee delivery before Father’s Day. We can create a special IOU voucher for your dad via email!


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