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Solid Mahogany Bookcases

12 September 2017

Choose from our great selection of solid mahogany bookcases. They are all handcrafted from solid mahogany which is sourced from sustainable plantations. We have a choice of styles available including antique reproduction, classic and more contemporary styles. A few examples of our best sellers are:-

Waterfall Bookcase

Our solid mahogany Waterfall Bookcase is an antique reproduction piece featuring 3 shelves which graduate in size from narrow at the top to wider at the bottom. This bookshelf has a useful drawer at the bottom providing storage for your bits and pieces. The drawer is finished with a traditional solid brass swan neck handle. This is one of our smaller bookshelves measuring H110 x W60 x D22cm. It would fit in many rooms of your home and is ideal for your hallway, landing or a small alcove.

Solid Mahogany Bookcases - Waterfall Bookcase


2 Drawer Low Mahogany Bookcase

The 2 Drawer Low Bookcase is ideal in a hallway. It isn’t too wide at just 31cm and the 2 storage drawers are perfect for hiding away your keys, etc. as you come in through your front door. This bookcase has a fixed shelf with an approximate height of 24-25cm between the shelves. Some of our other bookcases have adjustable shelves.

2 Drawer Low Mahogany Bookcase


Tall Narrow and Tall Wide Pillar Solid Mahogany Bookcases

The antique reproduction solid mahogany Pillar Bookcases, as the name suggests, feature traditional pillar detail either side of the shelves. The sides of these bookcases have panelled detail. Both bookcases have adjustable shelves enabling you to fit in your taller books or ornaments with ease. The wider bookcase has 5 adjustable shelves whereas the narrower one has only 4 shelves but does feature a useful low drawer. Both of these bookcases compliment all of the items in the Pillar Living Room Range as well as the Pillar Office Furniture Range.

Solid Mahogany Tall Narrow Bookcase

Solid Mahogany Tall Wide Pillar Bookcase


Solid Mahogany New York Bookcase

If you prefer a more contemporary look the New York Bookcase could fit the bill. All of the items in the New York Range feature clean simple lines which would suit most homes. This is one of our tallest bookcases standing at 190cm. It has 3 fixed shelves with cupboard space at the bottom. The cupboard doors have nicely shaped panel effect fronts and are finished with solid brass square knob handles. These design details are echoed in other pieces in the New York Range which include TV cabinets, coffee and side tables, sideboards and a glass cabinet.

Solid Mahogany New York Bookcase



Whilst we offer a large range of solid mahogany bookcases in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles we appreciate that you cannot always find exactly what you are looking for. If you have seen a style that you like but the measurements just don’t work for you then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation, quote. It might not be as expensive as you think to get the perfect, bespoke mahogany bookcase that you want. See our Bespoke Section for more information.


Walnut Bedroom Furniture

24 August 2017

Walnut Bedroom Furniture is a wonderful choice for a warm and welcoming bedroom.

Our Walnut Bedroom Furniture Ranges

We have two walnut bedroom furniture ranges; the Hampton Range and the Spire Range by Frank Hudson. Both ranges feature stunning beds with matching bedsides, chests of drawers, dressing tables and wardrobes. The main difference between the two ranges are the veneers that are used.

Both ranges are constructed from solid mindi wood which is another name for white cedar wood. The Hampton Range is then finished with golden brown walnut veneers. The Spire Range on the other hand is finished with inlays of blonde European walnut. Both of these ranges have fantastic statement beds.

Hampton Range Beds

The Hampton Range features classic sleigh beds with a choice of low or regular footboard and a stunning Half Tester Bed which features an opulent upholstered canopy.

Frank Hudson Spire Range Beds

The Spire Sleigh bed has double panelled head and footboard and features the trademark Spire Range feet. The Spire bedstead has finely turned tapered posts which are lower than some of our other four poster beds making it suitable if you have a lower ceiling. The posts can also be removed giving this bed a completely different look.

To complete your walnut furniture bedroom there are co-ordinating pieces in a choice of sizes depending on the space available in your bedroom. For example different sized bedsides, chests of drawers with different drawer configurations and two, three and four door wardrobes.

We offer free delivery to most parts of the UK.



Make a Statement – get a Gold Bed!

17 August 2017

If you want to make a real statement in your bedroom try a Gold Bed! All of our gold beds are hand carved from solid mahogany and then finished with real gold leaf. We have French style beds including the Versailles Bird Bed, French Rococo and La Rochelle as well as Carved Four Poster Bed.

Gold Versailles Bird Bed

Gold Bed - Gold Versailles Bird Bed

The Versailles Bird Bed, as the name suggests, features carved birds on the large impressive headboard. The footboard is however low making this an ideal bed if you are looking for a statement piece to go in a smaller room. Continuing the metallic theme this bed is also available in silver leaf as well as antique white and high gloss mahogany.

Gold French Rococo Bed

Gold Bed - Gold French Rococo Bed

The Gold French Rococo Bed has intricate hand carved detailing on both the headboard, footboard and side panels. If you want matching bedroom furniture to go with this take a look at the Rococo Range. Any of the pieces in this range can be ordered in for you in gold. This bed is also available in silver leaf, antique white and polished mahogany.


Gold La Rochelle Rococo Bed

Gold Bed - Gold La Rochelle Rococo Bed

Continuing the French style bed theme the La Rochelle Rococo Bed has a highly ornate headboard featuring a  swirling design. The footboard has a plainer design so as not to detract from the impressive headboard. This bed is also available in silver leaf.

Gold Carved Four Poster Bed

Gold Bed - Gold Carved Four Poster Bed


Our Tudor style Carved Four Poster is a truly impressive bed with its full headboard and top canopy. It is even more impressive in full gold leaf! The headboard features ornately hand carved panels and there are further plain panels on the top canopy. The 3 panels on the footboard feature a diamond designed which is echoed along the side panels. Fortunately this bed frame splits down into about 10 pieces so as long as you have reasonable access it should be possible to get it in your bedroom!

Check out the website for other gold bedroom furniture. We offer free delivery to most parts of the UK.


If you would like a gold bed but cannot see the bed you like in the finish that you want just contact us. We are always happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote. See our Bespoke Section for more information.


Reproduction Walnut Furniture

18 July 2017

Our reproduction walnut furniture range is the luxurious Hampton Range. The range includes stunning sleigh beds with a choice of high or low footboard, a Victorian half tester bed, a choice of bedsides and a chest of drawers.  For your home office we have 3 different styles of desk, matching chairs and 2 or 3 drawer filing cabinets.  Also available are coffee and side tables and a choice of bookcases.

The reproduction walnut furniture range is handcrafted from solid mindi wood with burr walnut veneers applied by skilled craftsmen. Each item is crafted using traditional techniques including dovetail joints.

Interesting pieces in the reproduction walnut furniture range

A couple of interesting occasional pieces in this range are the Hampton Demilune table which features three small drawers, antiqued brass knob handles and antiqued brass detailing to the sides of the drawers and to the legs. Perfect for use in the living room or hallway.

Reproduction Walnut Furniture

Hampton Demilune Table


Another interesting piece is the Hampton Accent Table which is similar to the Demilune but is smaller and more ornate. Both these items are delivered fully assembled.

Reproduction Walnut Furniture

Hampton Accent Table


Armoire or Wardrobe you decide?

13 July 2017

Is it Armoire, Wardrobe or neither? A wardrobe and an armoire are usually very similar pieces of furniture, and telling the difference can sometimes be a matter of opinion or favoured terminology rather than some particular characteristic or feature.

In most cases, an armoire is usually a bit bigger and typically more ornate, and it also generally has shelves rather than hanging rails. Wardrobes are often designed more with hanging clothes in mind, though there can be exceptions. Armoires are usually a bit more flexible, too, at least when it comes to what they can be used for. Although clothing storage may be the intended purpose, people can and often do use these pieces to house all sorts of things, including bed linen and towels or alternatively televisions or electronic equipment.

Armoire Wardrobe

Armoire Wardrobe…. the term “armoire” means “cupboard” in French. Like a wardrobe, an armoire typically is built as a tall cabinet with two doors and contains shelving or a long rod for hanging clothing, and it usually features much more ornate designs. These pieces tend to be bigger and bulkier, too, and are often incorporated within the décor of the room. In other words, they’re more than just functional; in most cases they’re also stylistic. Centuries ago, armoires were primarily used to store weapons and armor, which may explain why they’re normally bigger and heavier.

Wardrobes are almost always used for storing clothing and accessories, and they are usually intended to serve as external closets. Rooms without closets or with insufficient closet space often include a wardrobe to give more flexibility. It’s not uncommon to find mirrors affixed on the inside of the doors, along with small shelves for accessories and basic toiletries. In this way, the piece can serve as something of a prepping station to help people get ready.

A selection of some of our Wardrobes

Our Louis Philippe bedroom range is one of our most popular. To reflect this we have mahogany wardrobes available in both a two door and three door configuration. Our Triple Mahogany Wardrobe is the best choice for customers that need a lot of space! They are available in both an antique white paint finish and a wax polish.

Armoire Wardrobe

Louis Phillipe Wardrobe


If extra storage is a must our lovely mahogany Sleigh style Wardrobes are a great choice. They come with either two or four drawers below the doors. Combining both hanging and folding storage for your clothes and accessories. They feature panelled detailing on the doors and sides. The drawers are finished with brass swan handles and the doors with brass drop handles. As before they come in a choice of antique white or wax polish for the overall finish.

Armoire Wardrobe

Sleigh Wardrobe


A selection of some of our Armoires

All of our armoires feature gorgeous French styled intricate carvings. Our Elegance Armoire is available with a mirrored front and also in a similar style without. Both feature panelled sides and ornate cornice detail on top. The mirrored doors have carved detail and are finished with solid brass keyhole escutcheon plates. The non mirrored Armoire is finished in the same way but has intricate leaf carvings on the front doors. Both provide a choice of 2 removable shelves or a hanging rail on the inside. Available in antique white paint and a traditional wax polish.

Armoire Wardrobe


This is just a small selection of the beautiful and functional solid mahogany Wardrobes and Armoires that we offer from Lock Stock and Barrel Furniture. We can also offer a bespoke service on all of our items so the finish and measurements will be right for you.


The Traditional Solid Mahogany Bureau

16 June 2017

Long before the invention of the Internet, telephones and fax, the main means of communication was the written word; therefore, appropriate writing surfaces were required. Here at Lock, Stock and Barrel we have our very own Solid Mahogany Bureau for those of you who still like the traditional form of communication.

History of the Bureau

Traditionally a dark red fabric was draped over the top of a desk, in Latin the word for red is ‘burrus’, and from this the French derived the word bureau. The bureau evolved in the late 17th Century from portable boxes with sloping lids that were used as a writing surface. Made during the William and Mary period, the bureau had added space and storage from previous desks. By the 18th Century the bureau had incorporated a desk with a chest of drawers. The design of antique bureaus allowed for the development of pigeonholes, inkwells, slots and secret drawers.

During the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods the literate were still a minority so there were not as many antique bureaus in circulation from this period. Georgian bureaus tend to be larger in size with Edwardian and 19th Century ladies writing bureaus being a more delicate, attractive piece.

Solid Mahogany Bureau

Solid Mahogany Bureau


Our Solid Mahogany Bureau

The Lock Stock and Barrel mahogany Bureau is an antique reproduction Georgian style Bureau made from solid mahogany wood. All our mahogany wood is sourced from sustainable plantations and crafted with traditional techniques.

The Bureau offers exceptional storage with five storage drawers and further small drawers inside. Not only is it perfect as a writing desk, the fold down desk area is more than suitable for a tablet or laptop.

The bureau is delivered in one piece so go ahead and place your order today and receive free delivery within 15 working days.


Mahogany Four Poster Beds

12 June 2017

Here at Lock, Stock and Barrel we have a wide range of solid mahogany four poster beds including traditional canopy beds, half testers and Tudor beds. 


The four-poster bed has a very long history and records show that the four-poster bed was in existence in the late 14th Century and early 15th Century. It was undeniably very symbolic of status and it was customary for royalty and noblemen to own a four-poster bed and anyone who had one was seen as being very successful indeed.

The origins of the four-poster bed are unknown. It is, however, thought to have derived in Austria before arriving in England where it soon became a part of the British aristocracy. Their members naturally fell for its uniqueness and stately style.

Mahogany Four Poster Beds

Our four poster beds are handcrafted using traditional techniques and they have intricate hand carved detailing.  Available with either a traditional wax polish or antique white paint finish (other finishes are available – see our bespoke section for more information).

When ordering your gorgeous new bed why not treat yourself to a new mattress and have it delivered at the same time. We offer a selection of high quality mattresses to compliment our range of beds.

Mahogany Four Poster Beds

Mahogany Four Poster Beds


Just one style in our range is a reproduction Queen Anne style four poster bed with canopy. The bed is hand carved on the head board and pillars with intricate detailing. The bed is hand crafted from solid mahogany wood and arrives in 6-8 packages and is partially assembled for easy transportation.

The 4 poster has poles suitable for hanging drapes which gives the option of dressing the bed to suit the setting. The bed is traditionally finished in a wax finish


Do you work from home? See our Mahogany Office Furniture

30 May 2017

With many people now having the option to work from home maybe this is the time to purchase some new mahogany office furniture.

All of our mahogany desks are handmade using solid mahogany and the drawers are dovetailed ensuring quality throughout. A particularly nice option is the Small Mahogany Pedestal Desk made from solid mahogany wood.

Mahogany Office Furniture

Small Mahogany Pedestal Desk

The small pedestal desk is a traditional desk with an inlayed brown leather top and features cupboard space plus a total of 7 drawers for all your stationary and paperwork to be neatly stored. For ease of delivery the desk is delivered in three sections and is very easy to install.

Match with a comfortable chair?

Mahogany Office Furniture

Captains Chair

How about a Captains Chair? The Captains Chair is made from solid mahogany wood. The chair features brown leather upholstery with button detailing to the seat and seat back, a swivel base and arm rests. The chair arrives fully assembled.

Alternatively, we have a Dutch Office Chair which is a classic design upholstered in a dark brown leather. The handmade chair is hand carved with elegant detailing finished with a wax polish. A perfect chair to suit our desks or a hard-wearing comfortable chair for daily use in the dining room.

Mahogany Office Furniture

Dutch Office Chair


Needing more paperwork storage? In our mahogany office furniture range we have a choice of filing cabinets notably the 2 Drawer Mahogany Filing Cabinet. The cabinet has 2 filing drawers which have panelled fronts and are finished with solid brass swan neck handles (also available with antiqued cup handles).

Mahogany Office Furniture

Mahogany 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

The filing drawers are designed to hold foolscap files and the cabinet arrives fully assembled. All of our traditional mahogany filing cabinets are finished with a wax polish to enhance the natural wood.

Mahogany Office Furniture

Further pieces in our office range include partner desks in a choice of sizes; computer desks, again in a choice of sizes and with a choice of handles. Other desk styles include knee hole and kidney desks.

We have other traditional pieces including the secretary desk, writing desk or Davenport as well as a choice of solid mahogany bureaus including the roll top bureau.  If you are looking for a smaller desk we have the knee hole computer desk with a choice of leather or wooden top.

Discover our full range on offer here



Handmade Bespoke Furniture

24 May 2017

Handmade Bespoke Furniture

We offer a handmade bespoke furniture service for furniture made from solid mahogany wood. We can quote for modifications to size and design details for all of our mahogany items shown in our existing range of furniture.

Whether it’s a one-off item for your home or a refurbishment of a hotel / guest house we can help.

If you cannot find what you are looking for we can also quote for furniture to be made to your requirement and design. We are happy to quote for any item of wooden furniture to be made from solid mahogany. These can be finished in the wax polished finish or one of our selected paint finishes which include:

Various shades of mahoganys, creams, whites, florentine & gold, florentine & silver, black and greys.

What happens next?

Once we receive a bespoke enquiry we email our supplier the design details including the required dimensions and any diagrams or images that can be provided to obtain a quote and accurate lead-time. Our supplier will issue a quote within a few days based on your requirement. The price for bespoke furniture will be more expensive than a standard item. However as we are a direct furniture importer this will still be at a keen price. Ask for a quote and find out, there is no obligation for asking!

Diagrams are provided with the quote detailing dimensions of the bespoke furniture and if an order is placed we supply images of the furniture in the raw state, as it is being made for you, so that you can see how it will look before it arrives. Lead-time for bespoke furniture is based on 10-14 weeks although may take longer if alterations must be made throughout the process.

As soon as the items have arrived and have been checked over we will arrange delivery accordingly.

More information here


Treat yourself this summer to new Sleigh Bedroom Furniture

22 May 2017

Our Sleigh bedroom furniture is made from solid mahogany and finished with a wax polish to show the rich mahogany colour. Other items in the Sleigh Range include wardrobes, dressing tables, stool, bedside tables, chests of drawers, blanket box and bookcase.

Take advantage of 10% reduction offer

The Mahogany Sleigh Bed is a luxurious mahogany bed frame that will take centre stage in any bedroom setting. The traditional style Sleigh Bed with a regular footboard is available in double, king size and super king size. A low footboard sleigh bed is also available. So plenty of size options for you to enjoy the sleeping space no matter the size of your room. This bed will create a classic focal point in even the most neutral of interior spaces.

Sleigh Bedroom Furniture

Mahogany Sleigh Bed

The beautifully curvaceous head and foot boards are elegantly carved with a traditional scroll design and create a strong and striking focal point within your bedroom setting.

Featuring simple straight line carvings along the base and legs this refined hardwood frame has the perfect balance of masculine and feminine design features making it a versatile and practical addition to any home.

This exquisitely refined mahogany sleigh bed frame is crafted from the highest quality solid mahogany from sustainable plantations. This bed frame is a strong and hard wearing furniture item that has the perfect balance of classic style and functionality arriving in 4 packages: headboard, footboard, sides and slats.

This mahogany Sleigh bed can be complimented by another item of Sleigh Bedroom Furniture the 3 Drawer Sleigh Bedside this 3 drawer bedside cabinet is a neat and narrow design that features elegant bevelled edged panelling and a delicately carved plinth top that is perfectly sized to hold a lamp, alarm clock or ornament.



Sleigh Bedroom Furniture

Sleigh 3 Drawer Bedside

Find out more information and how to order here