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Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10

13 March 2020

We sell a wide range of mahogany chest of drawers. Styles include antique reproduction and French pieces. Here we look at the history of the chest of drawers and highlight some of the pieces that we have available.


Chests of drawers originate from a simple wooden chest (known as a coffer). These chests had a hinged lid and were used by nobility in medieval Europe. Initially a single drawer was installed beneath the main compartment of the chest. This later expanded to multiple drawers which slid out on wooden rails.

Typically chests of drawers came in two heights: waist height or shoulder height depending on how many drawers they had. Early examples were made from oak and French walnut.

Chests of drawers were traditionally used for storing clothing and in particular underwear, socks and other items that were not normally hung in a wardrobe. Because of this they were usually found in bedrooms although nowadays we might use them in any room of our home for storing a variety of items.

Top 10 Mahogany Chest of Drawers

French Bombe Chest of Drawers

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10 - French Bombe Chest of Drawers

Although this might seem an unusual name for a chest of drawers it originates from the French word “bombe” which means “curved”. The sides and front of these chests of drawers “bulge” or “curve” outwards. The curve on our example is more subtle than some that are available.

This mahogany chest of drawers has two deep drawers making it a useful, as well as decorative, piece of furniture offering plenty of storage space. You could of course use this attractive piece of furniture in your bedroom but it wouldn’t look out of place in your living room as a stand alone piece.

2-2-2 Chest of Drawers

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10- 2-2-2 Chest of Drawers

This antique reproduction mahogany chest of drawers has an unusual drawer configuration. This makes it useful for storing items of different shapes and sizes.

If you like traditional antique reproduction features this could be the perfect chest for you. Each of the 6 drawers features raised edges and they are finished with solid brass swan neck handles. The carved bracket feet complete the antique look.

The chest measures approximately 90cm x 90cm so fits into a relatively small space.

Serpentine Chest of Drawers

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10 - Serpentine Chest of Drawers

What is meant by “serpentine”?

“A serpentine shape is any of certain curved shapes of an object or design, which are suggestive of the shape of a snake (the adjective “serpentine” is derived from the word serpent). Serpentine shapes occur in architecture, in furniture, and in mathematics. “


This mahogany chest of drawers has a “serpentine” shaped front which is flanked either side by barley twist detail. The antique reproduction style continues with the intricately carved bracket feet.

This small chest of drawers would fit in many places in your home and it has a drawering slide making it ideal to use as a bedside table.

Rococo Chest of Drawers

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10 - Rococo Chest of Drawers

Rococo furniture is typically described as beautiful and elaborate and features flowing curves and organic motifs. This mahogany chest of drawers certainly fills that criteria!

The chest itself is nicely shaped and the two generously sized drawers feature intricate hand carved detail. The solid brass handles have leaf detail. The hand carving is echoed throughout the chest and down through the gently curving legs. The look is completed with carving to the bottom of the chest.

This chest is part of a range of Rococo bedroom furniture that is available in a choice of finishes including antique white, silver and gold.

Sunburst Chest of Drawers

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10 - Sunburst Chest of Drawers

This traditional semi circular chest of drawers has an inlaid sunburst design to the top hence the name. It would probably be best suited to your living or dining room.

The chest stands on hand carved claw feet and the 12 small drawers are wedge shaped which are designed to fit within the semi circular shaped chest. Each drawer has a beaded edge and is finished with a solid brass ring pull handle.

Chest on Chest

Mahogany Chest of Drawers - Top 10 - Mahogany Chest on Chest

This Chest on Chest will hold a huge amount of clothes and boasts a total of 7 drawers, 4 full width with 3 smaller ones above. It is crafted in a traditional style with beaded cornicing to the top edge and a sunburst design on the bottom drawer.

You don’t need to worry about getting this large mahogany chest of drawers into your home. The chest arrives in two pieces and once in place the top just sits on top of the bottom.

French Sleigh Chest of Drawers

French Sleigh Mahogany Chest of Drawers

The French Sleigh Chest with its traditional panelled sides, beaded drawers and brass swan neck handles has a timeless appeal. The 6 deep drawers offer plenty of storage with the added bonus of 2 hidden secret drawers.

There are a choice of chest sizes in the Sleigh Range. The one featured is the largest at 135cm wide.

Linen Press

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10 - Mahogany Linen Press

Traditionally a Linen Press was made from mahogany, walnut or oak and was used to store sheets, table linen or clothing. This multi purpose piece of furniture has the benefit of drawers at the bottom with a cupboard above. The cupboard would traditionally have had shelves for storing linens but with our antique reproduction version you have the choice of shelves or hanging space.

With its traditional styling the Linen Press could be used in your bedroom or alternatively in your lounge to provide extra storage.

Louis Philippe Chest of Drawers

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10 - Louis Philippe Chest of Drawers

The French styled Louis Philippe range is one of our most popular. This tall chest is ideal where room is a bit tight. The chest has 6 drawers (5 visible and one hidden at the top!). The chest measures 65cm wide and 45cm deep so has a small footprint making it ideal for a smaller bedroom.

The Louis Philippe range has simple styling so suits all homes whether traditional or contemporary.

Jewellery Chest

Mahogany Chest of Drawers: Top 10 - Jewellery Chest

This unusual chest is perfect for keeping your jewellery in order. The chest is pyramid shaped and has 6 small drawers for your trinkets.

The drawers have barley twist detail either side and there is further hand carved detail to the top and bottom of the chest.

You could use this chest in many rooms of your home to store small items.


Chests of drawers come in a vast choice of sizes and configurations but sometimes you just cannot find the ideal one to fit your space. Read our bespoke page or give us a call to discuss how we can have one made for you to perfectly fit your requirements.

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