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Bobbin Furniture Range

10 March 2022

What is bobbin furniture?

Bobbin furniture is furniture with a specific type of turned detail that resembles a row of spools or bobbins (see image below).

It can also be referred to as “spool furniture”. However if you do a quick Google image search for “spool furniture” you will see lots of DIY tables and chairs crafted from giant industrial spools. This is not the true meaning of spool furniture.

Bobbin Bed Frame close up

History of Bobbin Furniture

Bobbin furniture first appeared in the 17th Century in Northern Europe. Mass production took place in the late 19th Century with the introduction of the machine lathe. Originally factories produced long lengths of turned wood which was designed to be cut into individual spools for winding thread onto. However the lengths of wood started to be used in the production of furniture for example for bed posts. In fact bobbin furniture became so popular that factories were able to sell all of their products to furniture makers.

Combining old and new

Bobbin furniture has stood the test of time and is currently enjoying a revival. This simple style is perfect for combining old with new and suits traditional and contemporary interiors alike.

Examples of Bobbin furniture

The bobbin design initially appeared on the legs and stretchers of tables and chairs, bed frames, cots and mirrors. By the 19th century beds were the most widespread items of furniture featuring the design.

Our New Bobbin Furniture Range

Our new Bobbin range of furniture offers traditional, heritage-style designs, handcrafted from solid mahogany with a modern twist.

Any of the pieces in the Bobbin furniture range can be painted in a Farrow and Ball colour match of your choice. See the individual items below for examples of just some of the pieces we have already created for our customers. Items can also be finished with a natural wax polish for a lighter look which enhances the natural colour and grain of the wood.

Bobbin Mahogany Bed Frame

Bobbin Furniture: Bobbin Bed Frame

The Bobbin bed’s headboard and footboard’s smooth round cornered frame has been carved with the traditional rounded bobbin design.

Bobbin Bed Frame shown in F&B Blue Ground, F&B French Gray, Natural Wax and F&B Blue Gray

The Bobbin bed frame can be finished in your choice of Farrow & Ball colour match or with a natural wax finish. The finishes pictured above are F&B Blue Ground, F&B French Gray, Natural Wax and F&B Blue Gray. Contact us for more information.

Bobbin Four Poster Bed

Bobbin Furniture: Bobbin Four Poster Bed

The Bobbin Four Poster Bed has tapered posts which feature the classic bobbin design. This four poster is not as tall as some and so would be suitable if you have a lower ceiling height.

Bobbin Four Poster Beds show in Farrow and Ball Off Black and Antique White

The Bobbin Four Poster Beds pictured have been finished in F&B Off Black and our standard Antique White finish.

Bobbin TV Cabinet

Bobbin Furniture: Bobbin TV Cabinet

Traditional meets modern in the Bobbin TV Cabinet which features carved detail to the sides of the drawers. The bobbin detail also follows on down through the feet of the cabinet.

Bobbin Side Tables

Bobbin Furniture: Bobbin Side Table

This interesting side table has been made to be used separately or can be placed together with another one along the flat edge creating a larger table (as pictured).

Bobbin Side Table with F&B Setting Plaster Finish

The round Bobbin Side Table could be used in many rooms of your home and is shown pictured in a colour match to Farrow and Balls Setting Plaster.

Bobbin Coffee Table

Bobbin Furniture: Bobbin Coffee Table

The traditionally styled Bobbin Coffee Table has 2 drawers with beaded edges. The useful low shelf keeps the top of the table clear of clutter.

View the full range of Bobbin Furniture here.

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