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Declutter your home: Storage Solutions

6 March 2020

Are you looking to declutter your home? Have you been inspired by Marie Kondo (Konmari) or Mrs Hinch to declutter and tidy up your living space? Now is the perfect time for a Spring clean!

Why declutter your home? We are all guilty of having too many things which can cause problems with clutter and a lack of storage. Decluttering your whole home would be quite overwhelming so it is better to tackle one room at a time. Indeed it can be easier to tackle one area or a single drawer at a time if you have a lot of clutter to sort through.

Sorting out what you have got and what you can get rid of is a good start. Unwanted items can be donated to charity, given away to friends or family or sold online. When you have sorted through your belongings you can then see what storage you need. Obviously not everybody wants to or can live with minimalist style but we can all benefit from having a tidy home. As the saying goes “there is a place for everything and everything in its place”.

Living Room Storage

Smaller homes with limited storage can be a real challenge. This is where multipurpose furniture can be very helpful. For example a wooden chest could be useful in your living room. Fill the chest with children’s toys or throws for your sofa. The top surface of the chest can then be used as a coffee table. Remember though that it is best to try and keep surface tops clear of clutter giving the immediate appearance of a tidier room.

Declutter your home: Mahogany Blanket Box
Plain Mahogany Blanket Box

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables with drawers or low shelves are particularly useful. Magazines, remote controls and everyday items can be hidden away keeping the top of the coffee table looking tidy when not in use.

Declutter your Home: Pillar Mahogany Coffee Table
Pillar Mahogany Coffee Table


A bookcase with a drawer or cupboard at the bottom is another example of a multi-purpose piece of furniture. You can display your collection of books and ornaments on the shelves and store away other items that you don’t want on display in the drawer or cupboard.

This can be a particularly useful piece in a smaller room as a tall, narrow item of furniture draws the eye up giving the illusion of more space as well as offering plenty of storage space.

Declutter your Home: Tall Narrow Mahogany Pillar Bookcase
Mahogany Pillar Bookcase


A sideboard could be used in your living or dining room. Sideboards are available with different configurations of drawers and cupboards depending on your needs. You can display a small number of carefully selected decorative pieces on top of your sideboard and hideaway a multitude of items on the inside. They are the perfect item to store away plates, bowls, cutlery or bottles of wine and glasses whilst keeping them helpfully close to hand.

Declutter your Home: Frank Hudson Spire Mini Sideboard
Frank Hudson Spire Mini Sideboard

You might like to read our blog “Walnut Sideboard: 8 reasons you need one!”

Bedroom Storage

When you think about it a bedroom needs to store a large selection of items. This is definitely a room that would benefit from a good sort out and declutter. We are all guilty of having far too many clothes and probably too many shoes as well!


Once you have sorted through your excess of clothing a decent wardrobe is ideal to keep your clothing in good order. We all have different requirements from a wardrobe so having a choice of hanging and shelving is a must. The Louis Philippe Range offers a choice of two wardrobes. The double wardrobe has full length hanging perfect for dresses and coats. There is a shelf above to accommodate other items. The triple version of this wardrobe has the added benefit of extra hanging or shelving space.

Both of these wardrobes are cleverly designed and arrive in knock down form making them easy to get into your home and into your bedroom.

Declutter your Home: Louis Philippe Mahogany Triple Wardrobe
Louis Philippe Mahogany Triple Wardrobe

Other designs of wardrobe are available including the Sleigh wardrobe which has 4 drawers at the bottom or if you like antique reproduction style furniture what about a traditional linen press combining hanging space with a selection of drawers underneath.

Chests of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a must for your bedroom perfect for holding a variety of items. In a smaller room a tall chest is a good choice offering more drawers but with a smaller footprint. If you have the luxury of a large room one of our wider chests of drawers with 6 deep drawers is a good choice.

Declutter your Home: Winsor Classic Collection Dressing Chest

Bedside Cabinets

Although a bedside cabinet with legs or an open shelf can look very nice if space is limited beside cabinets with drawers are a good choice. They are often available with a choice of 2 or 3 drawers depending on what you would like to store in them.

Try not to put too many items on top of your bedside cabinet as this will ruin the decluttered look. Keep it to the bare essentials – bedside lamp, alarm clock, etc.

Declutter your Home: Louis Philippe Mahogany Bedside
Louis Philippe Mahogany Bedside

Under bed storage is a good option. We do sell some beds with built in drawers alternatively a lot of the beds we sell have enough space to slide under bed storage boxes or bags underneath. Just contact us if you need exact measurements. This can be a great space to store out of season clothes or spare bedding.

Office Storage

Are you guilty of not sorting through your paperwork? I know I am! Declutter your home office and sort through that mountain of paperwork. When you have decided what you need to keep what are your options for storage?


Our solid wooden desks come in a variety of sizes. Different drawer configurations are possible with standard drawers, filing drawers or even cupboard doors with false drawer fronts. The majority of our desks arrive in 3 pieces, the top and two pedestals so that they are easy to get into your home and to put together.

Declutter your Home: Mahogany Pedestal Desk and Filing Cabinet
Mahogany Pedestal Desk

Filing Cabinets

If you just need to store paperwork a filing cabinet is a good choice. We have 2, 3 or 4 drawer versions available. Some of our mahogany filing cabinets are available in standard as well as deeper sizes.


A bookcase is a useful item to have in your home office. Most of our bookcases come with adjustable shelves making it possible to accommodate various sized books or files. A cupboard at the bottom is the ideal place to store other items that you don’t want out on display.

Declutter your Home: New York Mahogany Bookcase
New York Mahogany Bookcase

Check out our great range of traditional office furniture including desks, filing cabinets, office chairs, bookcases and a printer file chest which are all great ways to declutter your home.

Bathroom Storage

Your bathroom is another room in your home that works hard in the storage department. From your everyday items such as shampoo, toothpaste and toilet roll to medicines and clean towels there is a lot to store.

Vanity Units

A vanity unit is perfect for maximum storage. Our standard units are available with in a choice of styles and with different drawer and cupboard configurations. We appreciate that every bathroom is not the same so we offer a bespoke service for our vanity units so that you can get what you need to fit your space. See our standard vanity units or read about our bespoke service and find out what is on offer.

Declutter your Home: Ornate Vanity Unit
Ornate Vanity Unit

Declutter your home

To fully declutter your home could be a mammoth task so break it down into smaller manageable tasks and then enjoy a clutter free home!

For more tips on how to declutter and tidy your home check out Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch.


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