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Why choose a French Rattan Bed?

20 April 2021

A French rattan bed frame is a great choice for adding a touch of style and glamour to your bedroom and a French rattan bed will certainly make an impressive centrepiece.

What is a classic French bed?

The classic French bed was typically made from either solid iron or was a handcarved wooden bed frame. The wooden bed frames were often decorated with gentle arches and hand carved detail such as flowers or branches. Our mahogany beds are still handmade by skilled craftsmen rather than being machine manufactured.

Another feature of French beds are the beautifully crafted legs often featuring classic cabriole legs, claw feet, or bun feet. Features such as this add to the style and glamour of these gorgeous beds.

French Rattan Beds

A lot of our French beds feature rattan headboards and footboards. Rattan is hard wearing but also flexible making it ideal for use in furniture production. Rattan creates a look of lightness in a room making it ideal for footboards. This was mentioned recently by a customer who had bought a white rattan bed who said

“the see through effect of the rattan ensures the bed does not appear as such a block in the room”.

Our French rattan beds tend to have a single rattan layer on the headboard. Footboards however have a double layer of rattan as they can be seen from both sides.

Our French rattan bed frames feature intricate hand carved detailing. Typically the hand carving depicts flowers and leaves or shells.

French Rattan Bed Frame Finishes

As you can see, due to its versatility, rattan can work well throughout the home not just for beds. It’s varying styles and colours mean it goes with many different styles of interior decoration. As well as being supplied in its natural colour, rattan furniture can be painted to fit with your colour scheme, just like this French arch rattan bed which has been finished in antique white.

French Rattan Bed: French Arch Rattan Bed in antique white

Rattan panels can also be left natural as seen in the picture below of the French Carved rattan bed which has a very tall and impressive headboard and footboard. The bed frame itself has been finished with real gold leaf. The natural rattan and the gold frame is a very pleasing combination.

French Rattan Bed: French Carved Rattan Bed with high headboard finished in gold

In this example the rattan has been stained to match the mahogany bed frame of the Elegance French rattan bed. Rattan features on the low shelf of the Normandy bedside creating a co-ordinated look.

French Rattan Bed: Elegance French Rattan Bed with waxed mahogany finish

For a different look again the stripped back weathered finish on the Coco French rattan bed adds a contemporary take on the French rattan theme.

French Rattan Bed: Frank Hudson Chic Cane Bed with a weathered finish

Explore the website to find more French rattan beds. We offer free delivery to most areas of the UK.

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