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Wardrobes: Furniture Spotlight

10 May 2018

Wardrobes: A brief history

Wardrobes are an item of furniture that features in just about every bedroom in the world, but did you know that the word “wardrobe” didn’t used to mean what it means today? In fact it was initially used to describe a room/apartment! Back in medieval England “the Kings’ Wardrobe used to be the area of all manners of machinery and in fact the actual clothes were stored in something called a “press” which was divided into two parts, one of hanging clothes and one for laying them flat.

It wasn’t until around the 18th century until the wardrobe was accepted as a stand alone piece of furniture and even then it still consisted of a clothes press flanked by a cupboard in which to hang clothing items. The turn of the 19th century saw mass production of the wardrobe and it took on the more modern design that we know today.

Comparison of Wardrobes

Just for comparisons sake we’ve taken some images off a search engine image search and put a few eras side-by-side. As you can see the design of the Wardrobe stayed fairly similar until more recently where you can find a vast array of features and sizes.

Antique and reproduction wardrobes by Lock Stock & Barrel: Showcase

We have a wide range of solid mahogany wardrobes. Each one is handmade and constructed using traditional methods including dovetail joints and available with either a traditional wax polish finish or hand painted in a choice of colours. You can find a small highlighted selection of these below.

Example of Mahogany Wardrobes

Starting off at the lower price range we have the French Sleigh 2 drawer Mahogany Wardrobe which is made from sustainable mahogany and features two functional drawers and a clothing rail within.

Example of French Wardrobes

Heading towards the more middle range of our pricing this is the French Wedding Armoire which features handcarved intricate detail throughout the furniture piece as well as a choice of shelves or hanging rail.

Example of Windsor Wardrobes

This Classic Collection Windsor 3 Door Wardrobe is something more akin to a more modern wardrobe with it’s inclusive shelves, hanging rail and door mirror.

Example of Hampton Wardrobes

Finally at the top end of our price range is the stunning Hampton 4 Door Walnut Wardrobe which is hand crafted from solid Mindi wood with walnut veneers. This giant of a furniture piece resembles something more from an older era with it’s multiple doors and shelves. A grand feature piece for a bedroom we’re sure you’ll agree!

That is just a taste of the various Wardrobes we at Lock Stock & Barrel Furniture Ltd have to offer you, to see what else we have in our range please click here!

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