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What is Mindi Wood?

2 March 2018

If you have looked at our Hampton Walnut Range or the Frank Hudson Spire Range you may have noticed that the wood used to create the carcass of these furniture ranges is solid Mindi wood. What is Mindi wood you might ask?

Mindi Wood

Mindi wood has many different names for example Geringging, Chinaberry and faux Sycamore. It is most commonly known as White Cedar wood. Dutch travellers and merchants originally brought the wood to Indonesia where the locals started growing it in plantations and they named it “Mindi” wood.

Naturally resistant to decay and fungi, Mindi wood is an extremely workable wood. This is why it is much favoured by woodworkers and cabinetmakers. The wood dries easily and with less shrinking and warping than comparable materials. This makes it an ideal base for veneers.

Hampton Walnut Range

Looking at the Hampton Console Bookcase as an example. Mindi wood has been used the create the carcass or frame of this piece. The burr walnut veneers are then applied to the drawer fronts and also to the sides of the bookcase.

Hampton Walnut Console Bookcase

Hampton Console Bookcase

The Hampton Walnut Sleigh Bed again has a frame created from Mindi and the burr walnut veneers are applied to the headboard and to both sides of the footboard. This means that you can admire these beautiful veneers whilst lying in bed!

Hampton Walnut Sleigh Bed with regular footboard and solid mindi wood frame

Hampton Walnut Sleigh Bed

Frank Hudson Spire Range

The Spire 6 drawer sideboard is a great example of how Frank Hudson apply their blonde European walnut veneers at different angles to create interest. Again they use Mindi wood for the cabinet frame and the distinctive “bun” detail that this range features.

Spire 6 Drawer 2 Door Sideboard in walnut burr veneer

Spire 6 Drawer 2 Door Sideboard

Walnut veneers are put to good use on the headboard of the Spire Walnut Bed creating a sunburst effect. The Mindi frame has distinctive spires which are removable giving this bed two completely different looks.

Spire Walnut Bed

Spire Walnut Bed

Take a look at the Hampton Furniture Range and the Frank Hudson Spire Range to see how beautiful mindi wood looks when combined with walnut veneers.


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